me in five senses

me in five senses

Sight 👁️

predominantly mousy, with hair and eyes the color of mud. i have a square smile; where my lips pull all the way back to show my canine teeth: they stick out like opera boxes.  i have a small nose with a rounded tip that leads up to a stoic forehead. my eyebrows are somewhat unruly at the corners, but i quite like them; my eyelashes are a delicate spray of soot at the edges of my eyes. i wear wire glasses with a slight cat-eye. i am 5’2″ when i am not slouching (but i usually am), slim shoulders curling into a stocky ribcage and broad stomach.


bumpy, on my blemished face; smooth, on my arms and shoulders (sometimes my legs, when i bother to shave); rough on my bitten fingers.


the click-clack of a keyboard, and david bowie crooning in the back of my head.


the scents i wear all the time:

poison ivy, princess mist, apple farm, cashmere glow, and pear berry.


i taste like adventure. also probably toothpaste.