Hello, it is I.

Here is my blog, Skwirlio. I am the author.

My natural habitat is in my room, with my favorite blanket I’ve name Ophelia. On my headboard I have a little stuffed sheep named Darwin, who keeps me company. It is there that I dream up new ideas for blog posts.

I like long car rides, rain, and the sound of box fans. I love mac n’ cheese more than life, and ramen noodles more than mac n’ cheese. I am something of an amateur baker, and enjoy trying new recipes.

I have a cat named Soapy, because she used to love sitting in the bathtub. She was originally going to be named Trout, but my sister and I decided on Soapy last minute. I also have a fish, but he’s not real. I suspended a plastic fish with fishing line inside my tank, so I’d never have to feed him. It’s great.

I’m one of those weirdos who likes bran flakes for breakfast. I also enjoy classical music and running. These are new parts of my life, and I never thought I’d enjoy these things. It’s been exciting to learn new things about myself and realize that I am not a static human being. I am still capable of chance and discovery.




Some pressing questions you may have about me:

After reading my bio I imagine you still have questions. But no need to worry, I have anticipated your curiosity and answered those burning questions here.

Can you hang a spoon off your nose?


Do you believe in aliens?

Yes! How could there not be, in a universe as vast as this? It excites me to think that one day we might contact another species. I think it is a long ways off, however.

What is your favorite candy?

Twix are amazing. Also I like Sweet Tarts Sour Ropes. And Grapevines.

Can you do yo-yo tricks?

Kinda. I can ‘walk the dog’ and make it ‘sleep.’ That’s about it, and I’m out of practice. Don’t expect me to entertain at your next party or anything.

Favorite curse word?

Damn. I like it’s versatility.


5’2”. But I will fight you if you use me for an armrest.

Do alarm clocks annoy you?

Goodness no; they run my life. I have an alarm for every instance. For instance: Waking up, getting out of bed, taking a shower, turning in papers, feeding my cats…. the list goes on. I will set alarms for five minutes later if I have to remember something. Alarm clocks are the only way I remember things.