Consistent Upload Schedule and my Failing at it

I think of the people I follow online and what makes their content interesting to me. These I then try to insert into my own work, so people will follow me and find me interesting. For all that this blog is for myself; to sort through thoughts and feelings– I selfishly want more readers and more  comments. Recently I got a badge from WordPress saying I had gotten two hundred ‘likes.’ All those little clicks had accumulated into something I am quite proud of.

For YouTube, especially (my media time-sucker of choice), it’s important to upload often. I appreciate when artists and content creators post often, say once a week. Sometimes they have a consistent upload schedule, where on the day of the week promised, a new video comes out. I admire that. I don’t think I have it in me to replicate it, but I am setting a goal to write more often.

Writing is what I do. Most times, I feel like writing is doing me. That’s when my best work flows from my fingertips– when the words just use me as a conduit to the keyboard. Posts practically write themselves.

The rest of the time is a little harder: I have to think about the words, deliberate about what I’m trying to say; and often it’s still garbage. But! Practice makes perfect.

So I must practice, practice, practice.


One thought on “Consistent Upload Schedule and my Failing at it

  1. I’ve been trying to be more consistent with my posting too and it’s hard! Sometimes you just don’t have time to write or you forget to post one week. I say that as long as I’m trying, I’ll get better!


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