five, seven, five.

i would like to share

a haiku or two with you

thank you very much

count the syllables

three lines of 5 7 5

did i do it right?

my savage sister

has the sickest burns ever

she shreds me apart

thank the stars above

they really like to be thanked

it makes them feel good


take the time tonight

to appreciate the stars

they work hard for you

if there ever were

feelings you could bottle up

which one would you do?


as for me, I think

I think I would chose to keep

bottles of anger

if you’re feeling down

think of this scenario

“unicorns on ice”


majestic and pure

unicorns figure skating

until one goes ‘splat’


in the ‘corns defense;

hooves don’t tend to lend themselves

to the use of skates.

i think often of

the words i will say one day

in rage and fury.

wandering future,

where will you take me one day?

i hope somewhere nice.

to my mirror self:

you don’t look the way you should

in my opinion.


i want to see you

thinner, and less spotty too.

you are filled with filth.


every pore has deep

imperfections i can’t fix

it’s so disgusting.


don’t get me started–

on the stretch marks all over

my thighs and tummy!


to my reflection:

i guess you are not so bad.

i should be grateful.


someday i would like

to come to terms with myself

and the way i look.

two of us grow old…

i hope we are friends by then.

it will take hard work.

“sleep well, i love you”

my future darling will say

in evening twilight

after a nightmare,

flipping the pillow helps me

slide back in to sleep.


i have vivid dreams

of things that i can’t explain

strange events, and such.


but what are these dreams?

possible premonitions?

who can really say.

well, i think that’s all

of the haikus for tonight

hope that you sleep well



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