The first sunburn of the season has arrived. A crispy crescent seared onto the back of my neck, ringed around to my collar bones. As I type, sticky aloe vera cools and dries on my skin; it’s time to reapply to my crunchy baby hairs in the hollow of my neck.

Craning to peer around my shoulder to the mirror, my skin looks like the ‘burnt umber’ of crayola crayons. The sun has drawn it’s mark on my skin, a warning to be more careful in the outdoors. On top of burnt umber, I smear green gel– what color have I created? There is no name for it yet.

It was my hubris; I had thought I would not be in the sun long enough to burn. Now here I sit, eating roasted meat straight of the barbecue as my shoulders sizzle under the hot, red sun.


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