Work Puns

Between the click-click-clak of my keyboard, I heard my phone ring. EXT. 121, RECEPTIONIST, blinked the screen. Yanking it off the receiver, I pinned it between my chin and shoulder.

“Hey! What can I do for you,” I said to the receptionist.

“Hello! I’m having trouble with this entry,” she told me. “Will you come up and help?”

“Sure,” I said. “Just gimme a sec and I’ll be right up.”

After having been promoted from receptionist to order and data entry, it was my job to help our new receptionist out when she had any questions. Stapling the last of my papers, I stowed it in the letter box labeled OUT and hopped out of my chair.

I rounded the corner to find Kirstin with her chin in her hand, balefully staring at the screen.

“So what’s the trouble?” I asked.

“Well, usually I get leads of new customers hoping for samples.”


“And normally– normally they have their address along with their phone number so we can send them samples and things.”

“Of course.”

“But this time,” she gestured to the screen, “All it gave me was this URL to some website. And this phone number is fake. 555-555-5555? Totally fake.”

“Totally fake,” I agreed. “Well, let me take a look.” I scrolled through the information, my brow furrowing.

“Ahah!” I pointed in triumph to the screen. “This is only linkbait. See, it’s only a commercial for Viagra.”

“Viagra!” Kirstin said. “No wonder I was so confused. They made that difficult.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Viagra makes everything harder.”


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