Hamburger Cake

Here is yet another culinary endeavor! This time I thought I would combine the worlds of yummy grilled meat with that of delectable pastries.

Here is how it turned out:

Lemme tell you, it was quite a struggle to do the tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce.  Laffy Taffy simply does not have the right colors.


6 thoughts on “Hamburger Cake

    1. It’s actually just boxed cake mix. I used red velvet for the top and bottom bun, and then used a brownie mix in the same 8″ pan I used for the bottom bun as the ‘meat patty.’ The rounded top is from baking the cake mix in an oven safe glass bowl, and then leveling the top. I’m sure you could use your own favorite recipies for the cake, but I’m no chef so I just used boxed. 🙂


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