Kittie’s Christmas Armageddon

For the cats, Christmas means Armageddon.

They really hate the whole season.

Our cats dislike change. It makes them uncomfortable, thinking that perhaps we are moving, which means kennels and immunizing shots. So every year when the tree goes up, we move the furniture out of the way, and our house suddenly looks completely different decked out festively.

It freaks our cats out.

It would be funny, watching them quiver under the couch as we put up the wreaths, if it weren’t so pathetic. True, they have gotten better over the years. They now somewhat understand that we aren’t moving, only going slightly mad. Too much eggnog, I expect.

I can only imagine what they think.

“Day 1,589 of my captivity. I do believe my human has gone quite mad. They now insist on putting up a large evergreen scratching post, only to cruelly insist I go nowhere near it. I simply don’t understand how they can be sadistic enough to put nice shiny baubles, obviously playthings, and then get upset when I bat at them. I swear they are crazy. I shall retaliate by weaving in and out of their feet. I can only hope that they shall fall and break their fool necks.”

I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas season, Armageddon excluded.


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