The Pie is a Lie

Today is Thanksgiving. Traditionally celebrated with turkey, yams, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes.

Or… maybe not?

The actual meal set upon the pilgrim’s tables was not filled with the yummy confections we put on our placemats. In fact, they didn’t even have access to most of the dishes we eat in remembrance of their first feast.

Instead of turkey, they had swan, or maybe duck.

Instead of mashed potatoes, they had sweet potatoes, but I doubt they were mashed up. They probably boiled them and served them up sliced.

The Pilgrims DID have pumpkins. But not pumpkin pie. They didn’t have the flour to make crusts or thicken the pumpkin.

They had shellfish.

Mmm-mm, nothing like shellfish on a cold Thursday Thanksgiving.

What’s more, the pilgrims did NOT wear buckled hats! Buckles weren’t even fashionable until the 18th century!

So, as you sit down to your thanksgiving feast, be greatful that you have a better meal than they did. After all, what is ‘traditional’ thanksgiving without pumpkin pie?


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