Patriotic Pastries

Today I made cake.

You should all be proud of me.

I’ve never made cake before, this is my first attempt ever. It went pretty well, even if it did fall apart within the first ten minutes. It certainly tasted good.

Here it is:

Bad frosting job, covered up by SPRINKLES! Hurrah! This took four hours to complete. I think it was worth it, and I enjoyed making it.

In an ironic twist of fate, I’m too sick of cake to eat it now.


2 thoughts on “Patriotic Pastries

    1. This cake is actually three cakes put together. I sliced up, then stacked the red and white cakes, and on the top three layers I cut out the outside circle, and replaced it with a blue cake with the middle cut out. I then forgot to frost in between the blue and the striped portion, so it fell apart pretty quickly.


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