Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day gets an awful lot of hate. People feel like they can’t enjoy the holiday without having a ‘significant other’ to share it with.

I disagree.

Valentine’s Day is for EVERYONE! Valentines day is the day when you can dress in pink shamelessly, say “I love you” more often than other days, be cheerful, exult in just LOVING your friends, your life, yourself!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about conversation hearts, roses, or chocolates. It’s so much more than mushy notes, cupids, or even having a significant other. It’s about LOVE!

What do you love?

Your parents?

Your friends?

Your cat?


Take this brilliant day to appreciate those you l0ve. Take the time to say “I love you!” Feel each and every moment, because life is so beautiful and worth living. This holiday is one day where you can wear your heart on your sleeve with pride.

I love you all!

To all those who dislike Valentine’s Day, here’s an interesting fact:

St. Valentines is fabled to have originated by a man who ministered to Christians and preformed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. He was imprisoned for this. During that time he fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. It is said that before his execution he wrote her a letter “from your Valentine”, as a farewell. Since then, Valentine’s Day has been used to express love that runs beyond or deeper than differences, adversities, or even death. Isn’t it funny that a day to celebrate love came about by something as morbid as death?


9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day!

  1. I love Valentine’s too! And amazingly I love it more for the chance to do fun, sweet, silly, loving things for my kids, more than my husband.
    Did you know in our house Valentine’s appear at the foot of your bed like Christmas at Hogwarts does? It’s fabulous!


  2. How tyuuute! Wow, I love the rose photos :O:O:O like, totes profesh photo shoot.

    Hehehe I know who it’s from!! XD

    I liked Valentine’s a lot more in elementary school. Everyone got to pass out candy and take home boxes of sugary sweets. It wasn’t about romance then. Now it’s all boring and no one hardly ever gets candy. And people (I included) usually just mope around. I’m very candy-motivated. XD


    1. I know. Candy conversation hearts are like my favorite thing. And know I never get them. XD
      Thank you! I took the photos just on a whim, and then I was like: “Hey! This is good! Ima post about it!” The rose pictures were the only reason for the post. Otherwise I would’ve been silent on Valentine’s Day. XD


      1. Haheh! XD brilliant pictures. I love those conversation hearts, but I preferred them how they used to be without all those loud flavors. I just liked them all the same chalky flavor πŸ™‚


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