Soda from Italy and Futuristic Jewlery From the Past

Beehive Tearoom
Beehive Tearoom (Photo credit: acyo)

Got my very own taste of Italy today! I went to the Beehive Tearoom downtown, and ordered a passion fruit flavored Italian soda. The syrup (flavoring) of the soda was put at the bottom of the glass, with soda water poured in afterwards, and then a great big pile of whipped cream was mountained on the top.

Now I know what you’re thinking: What? Whipped cream on soda!?

That was about my reaction too. Apparently, Italian soda is mixed with cream for an almost frothy drink. Granted, whipped cream from an aresol spray can isn’t really authentic, but it tasted fantastic anyway.

The Beehive Tearoom is amazing! The atmosphere is incredible. It’s almost overpowering, but slightly homey. I really liked how high the ceiling was.Β  The Tearoom itself was very small and pretty crowded, but the ceiling was graced with all sorts of paper lanterns and chandeliers. It felt otherworldly. I got lost in the brilliance of the decor, as well as the delicious food.

After going to the tearoom (jeez, that just sounds so awesome you’ve gotta say it with a British accent XD) I went to a little antique store filled with so much stuff there was hardly any walk spaces, just disconnected pathways meandering through the knicknacks. Curio was stacked on the floor, piled on desks, spilled out from chests, and crowded on shelves. Dolls ogled from display cases, dusty soda bottles clinked awkwardly in their boxes. Rusted and ruined army helmets served as a dangerous tripping hazard, while desks crammed with action figures and comic books jabbed at your elbows. It felt like walking through a minefield. So many colors, dulled from time, clamored for my attention, and I wished I had fifty eyes to take in everything at once.


One display especially caught my attention. Hanging off a spindly metal tree, perilously perched on a dusty dusk, was jewelry! Old rusted pocketwatches, faded and dirty cameos. Cowboy ties and brooches, boy-scout badges and pearls.

I was looking through the pocket watches with interest, slowly spinning the gears with my fingernails, when I saw this:

A HOLOGRAM NECKLACE!!! Who knew there even were holograms, right!? Futuristic jewelry… from the past. My mind was blown. You could see right through it, and yet it looked 3-D. When you flipped it over, it looked like the inverse of the image! I stared at it, contemplating. It was fantastic, unimaginable, and here I was holding this amazing little piece of history from the future in my hand. I was awed. I bought it on the spot.

The whole day was magical, and felt so whimsical. Who knew soda from Italy could lead me to futuristic jewelry from the past?



16 thoughts on “Soda from Italy and Futuristic Jewlery From the Past

  1. That is so cool!!!!!!! I love the pocket watch thingy…I might have to use it in a new story idea. (To ze blerg for more!) I LOVE Italian soda. We make them all the time at home, and my dad is a bit of an expert. Maybe you and Moi Moi can come over sometime and we’ll have them!!!! Too cool! (I wish I had done something interesting…sigh.)


    1. Hey yeah! Let’s totally do that! I’d love to come over for soda. πŸ˜€
      I heard you made a creative writing club? That is the neatest! I hope you have success with all of your lovely stories! πŸ˜€ I would be honored if you used my necklace in a story of yours. πŸ™‚
      Happy writing (and slurping Italian sodas)!!!


        1. Really!? I am honored, O kind one. πŸ˜€
          SODA PARTY! My dad got a SodaStream maker for Christmas, and we’ve got a bunch of great soda flavors too. We should have a soda party, for realz. πŸ˜€


  2. whooo, that Hologram necklace look so interesting and awesome. Your right never knew that great history can have advances technology in the past… Also it’s seems the figure is kinda cut off like a missing piece to it or that just me. You just have a one special necklace that you have in your hands. πŸ™‚


    1. Yeah, part of the hologram is just glass, it looks like there was a problem with the manufacturing… πŸ™‚ The rest is fine though. I KNOW! I found a HOLOGRAM at an ANTIQUE shop! Who knew, right!? I thought that only happened on Star Trek and Doctor who.. XD
      I’m so lucky to have it! Even if it was 45 dollars. XD


        1. It’s much different from ‘American’ soda. It’s slightly creamier, and with more…. kick, I suppose? It’s really good. The one I had was almost citrusy. It’s nt as fizzy asthe stuff you’re used to.


          1. humm… xP if you put it that way then it kinda makes me want to get one now. It’s not like that kick fizzy make me go into Derp mode (beyond hyper mode) and pass-out or die lying on the floor right?… (O.O’)


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