Ever been so scared you can’t move?

Ever been so scared you feel like a mouse?

Ever been so scared that you can’t move the computer mouse?

Yup. That’s my dilemma right there- I get so scared I can’t move the computer mouse! I just barely got HAUNT: The Real Slender Game and I can’t stop playing! And… dying. *shakes fist at Slender*

I just barely got the game, and I’ve started on Paranormal (the hardest level, where Slenderman’s always on your back) because the Noob level is lame. XD Slender man is right behind you. RIGHT. BEHIND. YOU. The footsteps and the static make my heart race, my head pound, and my mouse hand paralyzed! Slender gets me every time because I’m frozen stiff with fear. Stupid faceless slender… D:

SHOUTOUT: Thanks to DeShae at for giving me HAUNT! I’ve had sooo much fun with it! (And terrifying, life-threatening experiences too, but that’s beside the point πŸ™‚ )


11 thoughts on “SLENDERMAAAAAN

  1. Haha, why did you played it on the hardest difficulty?! xD you should’ve pick “Gamer” silly. But glad you really like it. πŸ™‚ You were frozen like a ice cube, did he like get you by going through buildings? That time was the most scariest moment that he done yet… πŸ˜›
    “You better not look, you better not cry, you better not stop running because, I’m telling you why… Slender man is coming tonight!”
    Oh ya, how many pages found so far by yourself? x3


    1. AHAHHA! Dude that is like the best song evar. XD
      I got caught in his house. I went up to the second floor and he stared at me and I died. XD
      The most I’ve gotten is three. The one at the truck, the one in the house, the one in the forest, and the one with the angel statue thing. So I guess that’s four. XD
      Right now I’m searching for the t.v. note.


      1. Awesome! Thanks, that song is so catchy it’s stuck In my head.. Your actually doing better then I am on the hardest level. πŸ™‚
        I only found like 2 note and thats at the beginning and the house. No matter what when ever I leave his house he sent me back inside it insane! xD


        1. Naah, you’re waaay better than I am. I die like… every three second. No joke. Every. Three. XD
          I got all those notes only after playing it non-stop for two days… I’m taking a break now, waaaaay to freaked out. XD
          Stupid Slender! The words “What?! Where am I?!” Now fill me with dread. Oh, great, where’s Slender sent me now?!?!?! XD


  2. Haha btw it’s really hard to read the poll with that gray text xD

    I always laugh it off when I’m scared (depending on the situation of course) but then again, it always helps to have a cute boy handy to hug you when your friends play slenderman.. heheheh xD


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