The First Snow

The first snow. Normally associated with snuggling couples, blazing fires, and hot chocolate. Lots of happy, cheerful memories.

Smooth white snow, fluffs of more ice floating past your pink-cheeked face, and you trudge dutifully to buy a holly wreath, or something just as Christmassy.

The first snow, a symbol of perfection, peace, and tranquility.


For me, the first snow is a chance to frolic and romp about, destroying all of the perfect fluffy snow until it is a winding maze of tracks, dirt clods, and blood, depending on how epic the snowball battle was. The first snow is a time to abandon all reason, fling yourself headlong into the snow and half freeze yourself to death. The first snow is running around screaming, and small children being pounded with sleet. The first snow is an ‘every man for himself’ kinda day. If you can’t take the ice, get back in the house!!

The first snow. Ahhh, how fun. This year, I took this as a chance to show my devotion to Doctor Who to the world.

After all, what says “almost Christmas time” as an exterminating sci-fi alien bent on universe conquest?!?! WHOOOO!

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I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful time in the snow. 😀


21 thoughts on “The First Snow

                  1. FLASHBACK*
                    Punches shark into the water, turns to shark bebes
                    “Don’t worry, I will take care of the children.” >:I
                    that’s from a cartoon or something…..
                    OH! THE MISADVENTURES OF FLAPJACK!!!! ( I accidentally typed FLAPJACKE first.. xD.. FLAPJACKET!)


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