Fiddly Elephant Thingy




8 thoughts on “Fiddly Elephant Thingy

    1. AHAHAHAHAHAH I TOTALLY NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT XDXDXDXDXD I guess the trampoline was so he didn’t feel so left out in the animal kingdom. He could pull it out at parties and be like: “See? See you guys? I really CAN jump.” I bet a bunch of lady elephants fall in love with him after that. But then he falls and breaks an ear. So then he has to choose between the doctor who saved his ear and the lady who loved him even before he had the trampoline. In the end, he chooses the lady who had always loved him. Then they had a big family and had a traveling act all around Africa: “The Jumping Elephants.” Then they made a million dollars and retired comfortably, creating a legacy to be passed on to young elephant generations for many years to come.


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