One Hundred… PLUS ONE!

Whoooo! Here we are guys, at 101 posts. Been fun, hasn’t it? I’ve enjoyed it. I hope you have too.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have prepared for your entertainment a video from the Tube of You.

I know, I know. It’s Selena Gomez. And the video is stupid. But bear with me! It’s still pretty good music. I like this song… 😀

One hundred and one. Pretty big number, is is not? I think so. It symbolizes something big, and something beautiful. I hope that we have many more lovely and tremendous adventures in the times to come.

Love ya’lls!

❤ Skwirl


2 thoughts on “One Hundred… PLUS ONE!

  1. Oh Selena Gomez when she just barely got into the music industry! It brings back memories! Good times indeed!
    It’s already been a hundred and one posts?! Wow we’ve been on quite the adventure!


  2. Hm! ^_^ (tactfully skips right to the blog subject)
    It has been juan-derful. And I look forward to one hundred and one more posts!
    (But no more than that >:O JKJKJKJK!! XD) MOAR


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