Sunday Special!

This video is very near and dear to my heart. It brought me up during a low point in my life, when I listened to it like fifty times a day. XD

This is amazing. Alex Boye is like my biggest hero. He turned his whole life around and is now a beacon of hope and love, as well as a great example of what we Mormons stand for.

The actual music begins about 2:45 into the video, but I recommend watching the whole thing through. It’s just awesome.

My favorite part of this video (aside from that epic leather necklace thing that Alex Boye wear XD) is “If not, I  have failed indeed.” Not only because that is an epic thing to say, but also because it is so true! Honestly, we need to try to be the best we can each day. No one is perfect. No one. But you can be just the fantastic you all the time.

I love you all, stay absolutely marvelous!!!


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