The Mundane and The Magnificent

Okay, let’s get the mundane out of the way first.

So, I love my blog. A ton. A lot. A whole big lot. Like so much lot it gives a whole new meaning to the word “lot”.

It always makes me really happy when I give my URL to someone. I think: “Yay! This person has become such a good friend to me, I feel comfortable with opening up my thoughts and expressions by way of the internet. Now I can get their feedback through comments and we can stay in touch easier.”

What happens, unfortunately, is not as great as the little spiel in my head. The person accepts my URL, then probably looses it and puts it through the wash or something, because they’re never on my blog. XD

I’ve been told people don’t go to my blog because it’s not Facebook.

HEEEEELLLLOOOOOO THAT’S THE POINT OF HAVING A BLOOOOG SO I DON’T HAVE TO HAVE A FAAACEEBOOOOOOK, and so that only the people I want to see are on here, and I know that they appreciate me enough that they will take time out of their normal routine of Facebooking to come and check out my little world.

SO! My question isssss…

What can I do to make my blog more viewer-friendly?

Would you like more categories so you can search for things easier?

Would you like more pages to look through?

Would you prefer different contents in posts?

Can you understand the layout of the webpage okay?

Is it hard to navigate?

All that jazz. If you don’t want to answer all those questions (sorry, BTW TTnTT) or if you just don’t care, please don’t feel obligated to comment. I don’t mean to ask so much of all my lovely “regulars” on my blog. (Thanks a lot by the way, love ya’lls! ^W)



My dad showed met his and I about died laughing. Rowan Atkinson is DA BESHT

Honestly I think the drummer who did the backup for Mr. Bean was the most talented there. Can you imagine having to synchronize that well? Pretty incredible Pure skill. Right there. Right there. Riiiiiight…. THERE. –>


As a completely unrelated note,

I was wondering if any of you wanted to start up another on-going story. Lady Lize Frize brought up some very good points in a comment posted on the previous post; .

She agreed (as I think all of us did) that the DLH was just not working out. She suggested that if we do start up again, we should decide beforehand if we want realistic or magical happenings, so that way there wasn’t so many different story nonconformity at once. (Like in DLH, where there were ninjas, Disney, Star Trek, and basically everything but the kitchen sink.) Lady Lize Frize also had the idea that to make it more interesting by commenting in poems, which could be fun but also difficult and possibly a deterrent for those of us (me) who can’t write a poem to save our lives. XD

So what do you think?

I appreciate your input, and sorry for all the questions… -_______-“”


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