Farles Wickens with Four M’s and a Silent Q!!!

Is anyone absolutely tired and totally sick of CHARLES DICKENS!??!! I AM!!!!!

I’d much rather be reading outlandish Sci-Fi Fantasy books that have nothing to do with anything scholarly and are just for fun and don’t teach life lessons and aren’t like real life and don’t have stupid characters doing stupid things for stupid reasons that don’t apply with anything normal that might actually relate to what is going on in our lives!!!!!!


Glad I got that out.


Anyhooo… My Dad showed me this video and I thought it was AWESOME. I know I’ve shown one or two of my friends some Monty Python stuff (namely Tennis, Anyone? and The Spanish Inquisition) but… no one liked it as much as I love them. XD

However, I thought this was totally hilarious, and I’m pretty sure it’s not so weird that the rest of you won’t enjoy it too. 🙂

Here it is, Monty Pythons: The Bookshop.

Sorry that it doesn’t have any visual. This is the original, and the most hilarious. But, if you want to hear the not-as-funny-but-has-people-acting-it-out-although-it’s-not-the-original, here it is:

I don’t know what the black time bar is in the top. PERHAPS it’s a time bomb! Or maybe it’s an alien machine for measuring the irritation of humans? Possibly it’s a magic black box that covers up evidence of wizards.



10 thoughts on “Farles Wickens with Four M’s and a Silent Q!!!

    1. Really? Interesting. I would’ve thought you would love to be around all those books. However, I can see why you wouldn’t want to sell them.. I’d become attached to them and not want to give them away. XD


        1. Haha yeah. When my Mom was a librarian, she’d come home with all these crazy stories of people who expected her to be the Queen of All Knowledge and expected her to get them the book they wanted when they just described the cover of the book. XD


  1. David.. COPERFIELD? AHAH is he related to Ezar-chan?? xD
    Lawl. Darles Chickens! Hey! Is this where you got that?? 😀
    Hahah!!!!! This is brilliant. I love skits where the person gets so frustrated and mental and screaming! xDDDDDDDDDD


    1. Ahahah! I never thought of it like that! COPE!! XD
      No, I came up with Darles Chickens. And then I heard this and was like: YAY! XD
      I know, me too. AHAHAHHA I LAUGH SO HARD! I’m pretty mean actually. I love laughing at their pain and anger. XDXDXD
      Duuuuude. Love this. Look up “How To Irritate People” on YouTube if you really like this stuff. More just like this. XD


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