Soul Searching. And… Finding?

Recently, I’ve been searching my soul. Deeply. Thoroughly. With good intent. Reaching deep into my subconscious, into my past, trying to find some bit of meaning. And so far, all I’ve found is…

Dust bunnies, clutter, and a whole lotta junk.

Not to mention a couple of sandwiches.

Hey, I was looking for that!

Anyyyyyyhoo… Thinking about my career goals, dreams, and hopes for the future have really brought me down. Ironic, isn’t it? Normally, people would be inspired. Not me, I guess. Looking ahead for my life, I can’t see much. I don’t really have that many talents that are applicable  to the work place. I struggle in math and Spanish, both of which would be extremely helpful on a resume, and am passable on things like art. Not really what employers look for. Mostly, I have a whole bunch of negative qualities that override my good intentions.


All is NOT lost!

There are more years to come!

I must WORK!





that means I have to study. Get up early. Practice, practice, practice. Be motivated and task-oriented.

All, in short, that I am most definitely NOT.




Have YOU guys got any inspirational stories? Be it overcoming something, reaching a goal, or even something mundane like FINALLY returning that library book with the 82$ fine!?!?

Please share! :3



Looking through my blog, I’ve noticed all I really do is post videos…


4 thoughts on “Soul Searching. And… Finding?

  1. Carmina, you are growing up and it’s scaring me half to death! I thought growing up myself was scary but knowing that my little sisters have to as well is even worse!
    I can’t help but be sad when you say you aren’t talented because you are! You are a better artist, writer, and actress than you think you are. When I was your age and a little younger I thought that my dreams were hopeless because they are hard to get in the real world.
    If no one will accept my books I don’t get paid. If no one likes my voice or acting I will not get paid. If no one likes my art, guess what? I don’t get paid and therefore don’t have a job.
    That’s what I thought and I was desperate to think of another job that I would enjoy and be good at. You know what I came up with?
    Those three things are what my life revolves around. I wouldn’t be happy unless I was doing those things. It doesn’t matter if I’m poor and have to live in my friends basement. If I was doing something that I loved I would be happy.
    Heavenly Father has blessed you with these talents for a reason and he wouldn’t want you to settle for less than what you love. He wants you to do that which would make you happy.
    Who cares if the job you want is hard to get? Heavenly Father will help you get it! Who cares how much money it will cost? Heavenly Father will make the path for you clear. He loves you so much and will never leave you alone. You need to know that if you want to have a talent Heavenly Father will give it to you. You just need to do what he tells you and you will have all of the blessings and happiness you could ask for.
    So please don’t say you’re not talented or not capable of something, because YOU ARE. There is NOTHING you can’t do. There are endless possibilities out there just waiting for you to step up and grab them!
    I will not back down from my dreams because someone says I can’t, won’t or never will reach them. They are WRONG.
    Just know that I love you and will be behind you every step of the way! I will support your dreams and help you up when you stumble. You are a wonderful young woman and no one can tell you other wise. You are worth so much! Don’t let that critical voice in the back of your head tell you otherwise.


  2. Awh. Alaina-chan’s comment was so deep and beautiful. ;u;
    (don’t expect the same from me)
    Well, I realized something kind of depressing about myself….

    I’ve wanted to do so many things (dance, music stuff, guitar) and have always felt pushed out by people who are so much better.


    the only thing I’ve really stuck with in that sense is art. D:

    but dear. your spletakular talents are not all for naught. just have the confidence that you can do very well, and know that you already ARE! kay? :3 kay.


  3. T_T Amen, Alaina-chan. I know I am a stranger here on this blog, but I couldn’t help but comment… But there really isn’t anything more for me to say, cuz Alaina said it all. 😉

    And you are an incredible actress, Carmina. I’ve loved working with you.


    1. Oh, thank you so much Sempai! It’s great that you’re here on Skwirlio, please don’t think of yourself as a stranger! All are welcome, especially you! 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment. You are an amazing film choreographer!


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