I Wanna Be a Princess!

The countdown is up! The time is ticking down! SCHOOL has almost arrived.

Excited!?!? No…? Yeah, me neither. XD

*   *   *

I’m pretty sure almost every girl dreams of being a princess* at least once in her life. (If not more!) They think of all the fancy dresses, the balls, the palace, and all that luxury. Me too! I love being a ‘princess’, even if that means that only my bedroom is my domain. But hey, my subjects are TOTALLY** loyal! (…Okay, so my subjects are stuffed animals. However I am GUARANTEED not to have any rebellions. XD) I rule my kingdom with an iron fist. Kind, just, patient, yet QUICK TO ANGER when my subjects are out of hand. But then I’ll be sweet again, as long as they have food*** offerings to soothe my anger. :3

* To all you gents out there reading this, if you haven’t had this daydream, that’s OKAY. In fact, that’s GOOD.
**Okay, so there WAS that one rebellion. But that’s okay. The way I dealt with the criminal, he’ll never make trouble again… MWAHAHAHHAHA!!!!
*** This is also a good way to win my favor! :3

I found this song and it TOTALLY relates. I hope you’ll like it, I know I did! X3

I have a certain weakness for carbs, as well… X( Sheesh.

Well, all my lovely ladies, (and any gentlemen reading this) I say ‘farewell!’ Till the next post. ❤


3 thoughts on “I Wanna Be a Princess!

  1. Okay, can I just say, there are so many reasons I love this post.
    I love the hilarious little blurb you wrote, and it includes a video AND a poll?! AND THE COLORS! My spastic, easily distracted mind is pleased.

    I love Rin, I especially ADORE the blue dress she wears over those black pants with boots.. I am determined to wear that some day! *determined face*


    1. I love this post as well! I listen to that song alllllll the time. XD It’s awesome. I like Rin and Len, but I don’t like some of the songs they do… D:
      You should dress up like Rin for Halloween or something. That would be EPIC.


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