An Apology is in Order…

Hello, all my lovely friends!

So, I have gotten behind on the upkeep of my blog.

For that I am sorry.


To make it up to you, I have drawn something.

And here it is.


6 thoughts on “An Apology is in Order…

    This makes me so joyous, you have no idears.
    So cuuuuuuute!!!!!! >w<
    Heheheh supernova kiss! that must have been powerful!! tee hee!!!!!!
    More art. Good job.:'D


  2. Thanks! I’m glad you like it. 🙂
    Mostly, this was one big experiment. I’ve been wanting to try and see how well my anatomy is, and I figured the easiest way to see clearly if my characters makes sense proportionally was to silhouette them. Because silhouetted, there’s no fancy art technique that can cover the fact that they don’t have the right proportions. XD
    I was really proud of this because of the shoulders. I had a really hard time with them, but after playing with it I think I got it right. I also really like the girl’s hair. A lot. ^w^ However, the guy’s hair can go die in a hole. I don’t like his hair at all.
    XD! I can’t draw boy’s hair. ACK. It looks like a rat that died on his head! So I’m working on that as well. It seems the only guy hair I can (sort of) do is close-cropped wavy. *sigh* Oh well, I shall rectify this eventually.
    Originally, in my fist preliminary sketches, their chins and torsos were going to look like the shape of a heart around the setting sun. The most cliche kiss ever. XD You’ve seen it in every romantic film ever. But, after drawing it, their chins just looked funny because the girl was arcing her neck too much to make the shape of a heart. And also, I thought, “Who the heck kisses without so much as hugging?!” I mean, two people don’t just put their lips together. They embrace. However, I didn’t want to cover up the setting sun because then the gradient in the background wouldn’t make as much sense… so I made them hold hands.
    You might be interested to know that I never actually drew those hands. It’s just a rounded trapezoid with pointy things coming out of it! I didn’t want to take the time to figure out where all the fingers would actually correspond to the knuckles and whatnot, so I just winged it. And it still looks pretty good, don’tcha think?
    Another thing I didn’t actually draw was their faces. (I don’t sketch on paper anymore, I start directly on GIMP and just keep refining my layers until it no longer looks sketched.) So, their faces were just circles with protrusions for the chins. XD So I’m not actually sure if their lips would be touching if it were real life. XD
    I was going to have their closed eyes and lips in the same color as their hair, but then I really just liked how simple it was. But it still seemed to be lacking something… so I added the blush. I really liked how it turned out.

    That was my really really really really long comment in response to your short one.
    Maybe someday when we hang out you can show me how to draw guy’s hair? And use the paths tool? :3


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