Absolute Craziness

This post must begin first with a tale. Not a tall tale, nor a short one, but a true tale.

So. Yesterday I was swimming with a bunch of friends, and I noticed something small and shiny winking at me from out of the sky. So, I pointed it out to my friend. She looked at the sky and told my I was crazy, there was nothing there. I told her right where it was, and she still couldn’t see it! It was driving me crazy because it was RIGHT THERE and shiny and silver and unidentified and she mustn’t have been looking where I told her too! So I turned to a different friend splashing about and told her to look to the skies for the strange shiny object. She looked and looked, and SHE couldn’t see it either! So now I was really exasperated. It was RIGHT THERE! RIIIIGHT THERE!!! And why could no one else see it!? So I stared at long and hard for a while, trying to figure out what on earth it was. So, the first friend I alerted the presence of the strange silver object swam over and looked where I was looking.

“Oh, there it is,” she said. “So maybe you weren’t crazy.”



To this day, (which is only a day after I saw it but whatever,) I still don’t know what it was. Perhaps it was a spaceship, viewing we insignificant humans for conquest. Perhaps it was an airplane or a helicopter. Or maybe it was just some kids’ balloon floating on the breeze. I don’t know. BUT! It WAS there. It WAS real. I’m not totally insane.

Or am I….?

SO! I found these on the internet, and thought it was so crazy I wanted to share it with all my lovely blogging friends.

Here goes. If you see it, comment and tell me! It’s CRAZY!

All right, pretty insane, right!??!?! I mean, you saw it, right!??!!? TOTALLY MIND-BOGGLING!!! I think it has some effect on your retinas or leaves some sort of after image or something. Either way, it seems impossible, yet THERE IT IS!

Here’s the instructions for this one: stare at the red dot for fifteen seconds or so, then look at a blank white wall and blink rapidly.

Comment and tell me if you see anything out of the ordinary πŸ˜‰


12 thoughts on “Absolute Craziness

  1. I think it’s aliens but not the evil kind. They were probably young ones messing with us simple humans for entertainment. They’re probably laughing at us RIGHT NOW!!! You see, you see?!

    I did not invite them if that’s what you’re asking.


  2. Lawl. I was half expecting you to say that you figured out it was just a chip in your goggles πŸ˜€ haha!!!
    That sounds really fun! I haven’t gone swimming at all this summer. AT ALL. We should go some time!! πŸ˜€
    By the way, staring at those people was almost impossible for me because
    yep, my eyes still hurt ;___;
    so i didn’t get the point of that last picture with the multicolored dots.
    Maybe it’s unusual that she’s holding a casette tape. Cuz those things are OOLLLD
    or maybe it’s weird because her arm is buff. XD those are my theories.


      1. HAHA!!! No, inverted pictures are like… the death of your eyes… ;m;
        meeeshmeeef πŸ˜₯
        Haha, why would a credit card say SONY on it?!?! XD
        Maybe it’s a camera.


  3. Personally, I don’t like to even consider the possibility of extraterrestrial lifeforms ;n; It makes me all depressed and philosophical ;o;

    And have you ever had a nightmare that Akito Sohma was standing in your backyard? don’t do it. It’s freaky jizz, man. XDDDDD


    1. I like to think about the existence of aliens, just ‘cuz it reminds me of DR WHO >W< However I think if aliens really did come to our planet we would treat them horribly ;o;
      Akito Sohma?! No. Most definitely not. That would freak me out really bad. XD


      1. I have… issues with aliens ;m;
        *stares off into the distance, all depressed and philosophical*
        That was a scary dream. Scarier than aliens. I’m just glad I had that dream before I read the part where…
        he has…
        knif—OKAY, NEVER MIND. LET’S TALK ABOUT DR. WHO. Wow, I’m endorsing that??! MAYBE THEY DO EXIST.. ;M;
        *depressed philosophy professor now*
        Haha! I see Dr. Who paraphernalia EVERYWHAR. I’m always like “ZOH MY GONK DROIDS, I HAVE TO BUY THAT FOR TEH SKWIRRLL” *checks pockets* “Awww 😦 no moneys :'(”
        Trust me, if i had unlimited dollars, you would be drowning in Dr. Who paraphernalia by now. XDD
        I don’t know what I’m saying. it’s like 12:18 AM right now, give or take a few hours.
        Seconds. XD


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