More… PIGS ‘N’ JOKES!!!!

You’ve all wanted more, admit it. So, it is….

Q. Where do retired pigs go for warm weather?
A. The Tropigs!

Q. Who sends flowers on Valentines Day?
A. Cupigs!

Q. What does the little pig get every morning from its parents?
A. Hogs and Kisses!

Q. Where is the most open green space in New York City?
A. Central Pork!

Q. Why didn’t the piglets listen to their teacher?
A. Because their teacher was a Boar!

Q. What world sporting event was held in Alanta, GA in 1996?
A. The Olympigs!

Q. Who is the greatest painter of this century?
A. Pigcasso!

Q. What do piggys take when they are sick?
A. Pigicillin!

Q. What instrument do piggys play in a band?
A. Pigcussion!

Q. Why shouldn’t you tell a pig a secret?
A. Because pigs are squeelers!

Q. What do you give a sick pig?
A. Oinkment!

Q. How do you fit more pigs on your farm?
A. Build a Sty-scraper!

Q. What do little piglets do on a Saturday night?
A. Having a pigjama party!

Q. What do pigs drive?
A. Pig-up trucks!

Q. What do you call a pig who’s been arrested for dangerous driving?
A. A road hog!

Q. How do you take a pig to hospital?
A. By Hambulance!

This one was made by the fantastic Katau:

Q. Whaddaya call a pig stuck between two witches?

A. A hamwitch! XD


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