Shopping-Cart Saga (what you never knew about your produce)

I found this amazing word on the tag of a pineapple. Isn’t it AWESOME?!?! I think it’s like Swedish or Norwegian or something.

I mean, HOW many times to you get to say “servierempfehlung” in your lifetime!? IT’S INCREDIBLE! Seriously. Just say it. It’ll bring a smile to your face. 🙂

While we’re talking of strange foods, I’d like you to meet some friends of mine:

They make up the actors in the all-famous food sitcom show, The Banana Bunch. Like the Brady Bunch, but with a more a-PEEL-ing plot!!! GEDDIT??! GEDDIT?!?!?! Okay, before I do anymore bad jokes, maybe I should make like a banana and split. Or possibly lettuce quit while we’re ahead…? Oh, okay, I’m done now. Orange you glad I stopped!? XDXDXD

Also, I am pleased to introduce, the all-famous

So  before you eat your fruits and veggies, or are at the grocery store picking up produce, remember these amazing shopping-cart sagas.


9 thoughts on “Shopping-Cart Saga (what you never knew about your produce)

    1. The jokes were meant to be lame, t’sall good. 😀
      I love you too! :3 I hope you enjoyed this first installment of Shopping-Cart Saga… there shall be more to come… mwahhahhahahaha! >:3


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