The Hunger… Song?!

I’m sure you all (as I have been) SUPAH STOKED for the Hunger Games movie to come out! IT’S FINALLY HERE!! AHHHHH!!

In commemoration of this fantastic book trilogy and new movie, I present to you…. for your watching pleasure…. a parody so funny…. so clever…. so brilliant…. (just stalling, lol)

The Hunger Games song!!


7 thoughts on “The Hunger… Song?!

      1. Oh my goodness. This guy, Joey C..blah blah something the third
        (Who made this video) is so sweet! He looks like he would be kinda emo or something with his hair, but he makes videos on youTube and the wall in his room has TOTORO everywhere on it, he loves anime, his language is clean and he’s so adorable! 😀


          1. Heheh! He IS sweet. :3 ❤
            Ooh guitar skillage, eh? Impressive. But I personally prefer guys that have skillage in the art of making me blush. XDDDDDDDDD


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