I’ve Got a Bad Case of the Blues!

This picture put a smile on my face. It about describes how I’m feeling right now: so many goals but not enough means to achieve them. So much peer pressure, it’s driving me mad. So many paths to go down, and none leading to where I want to go. Indecision. So many decisions to be made that will affect my life a future family! Ahhhh! >O< In other (less dramatic) words: HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION. Thanks for all of your wonderful support. I love you all and you all are such a positive influence on my life!


5 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Bad Case of the Blues!

  1. How can my C-girl be sad?! I am the worst Nee-chan ever! This must be fixed!
    Should we hang out again on Saturday or something? I’m willing to hear all about it! Plus I need to know what classes you’ve signed up for!


  2. Those be good ideas. Thanks buddy. 🙂 I’m not… all that… sad. I’m just a little down. I’m feeling loads better now because I finally got my registration worked out and it’s way less stressful. Thanks for caring 🙂


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