Here’s my latest kroshayed kreation! It’s a monster bag! Grrr! No, it is not a giraffe with fangs. XD

So here it is:

Monster bag! Grrah! This is a prototype. If you would like a different type, then please tell me and any other things you would like.

I was showing it to some of my friends when someone asked to buy it from me. They wanted a blue one, so that’s what I’m making next. If you would like one, then please tell me the color and any other specifications (such as width, length, volume, or physical appearance). They start at 5$ and go up in price depending on how hard it is to make it or how many specifications there are and also any extra supplies needed. I’m pretty kreative so throw anything at me and I’ll probably be able to accommodate to what you want with your purse.

Please comment or contact me personally if you want one, and any specificaions you would like with your monster!


(That means I love you in monster!)


6 thoughts on “Rrrraaarh!

  1. Three things.
    1. I adore the new theme. Spacey.
    2. That’s awesome.
    3. I think you should wait until you’re fluent in Monster. You just insulted my mother. Very rudely. Twice.


  2. Two things.
    1. I love this.
    2. I want one.
    3. I just need to think and then I’ll let you know.
    4. We must hang out very soon.
    5. I love you both extremely much.
    6. haha


    1. Four things.
      1. You are so amazing and funny 🙂
      2. I love you all!
      3. Just tell me whatever you want and I’m pretty sure I can accommodate to your monster desires :3


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