Academic Team!

Da-ta-ra-daaah! It’s now official!
Wooot! 😀 So academic team is where a bunch of people get together and memorize some information, (pretty crazy stuff, like whole packets of stuff you have to know by heart .O. ) and then we face off against other schools to see who’s the nerdiest. JK, we face off just to shove our victories in the other schools’ face. XD JK, we really just do it to try to earn recognition for our school.
So far, my team has had two games and we’ve won both of them! We beat Churchill Jr. 49 to 46, and Valley Jr. 59 to 21 points. You earn points by buzzing in and giving the correct answer.
So, I was asked to design the logo for our t-shirts, and here it is:
It’s supposed to be like you’re getting an idea…

GO NERDS!!!!!!!


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