50 ways Baby Spoons will Save the World

1.  Baby spoons cause you to eat slower, so you will get fuller faster and stop obesity.

2. If everyone embraces baby spoons, baby spoon factories will flourish and save our economy.

3. If you are drowning in a swimming pool, use a baby spoon to spoon out water from the pool as fast as you can.

4. It’s quite hard to injure someone in a war with a baby spoon. Everyone will have to logic and reason out a solution instead.

5. The only things that could be fought over with baby spoons is the color.

6. If you are being buried alive, use a baby spoon to dig yourself out.

7. If you need to find buried treasure in someones yard without being conspicuous, instead of using a shovel use a baby spoon.

8. If you need to carry something small without your hands, (like a bomb that would be set off with the heat of your palms), then use a baby spoon to carry it.

9. If something is just out of your reach and you need to push it over, use a baby spoon to cover the distance to push it.

10. If you’re up a river with no paddles, use two baby spoons to paddle yourself to shore.

11. If you need to stir something, you can use a baby spoon.

12. If  you need to start a fire, most baby spoons are plastic and burn easily once they catch flame.

13. If you are being electrocuted, most baby spoons are plastic and do not carry electricity.

14. If your clock is missing a hand, drill a baby spoon onto it and you’ll be able to tell the time again.

15. If someone is choking, shove a baby spoon down their throat to clear their airway. (Don’t forget to pull the baby spoon back out again, otherwise they will still choke)

16. If you are stranded on a deserted island, if you have enough baby spoons you can spell out a message with the baby spoons for help.

17. If you are artistically challenged, get a blowtorch and some baby spoons and you can create a work of plastic melted baby spoon art.

18. If you need a slotted spoon, get a drill and drill some holes in a baby spoon.

19. If your toaster is shorting out and sparks are to hot for you to pull the plug, use your baby spoon to push the toaster out of the way and pull the plug to stop the electric fire.

20. If you’re stressed, use a baby spoon and twist it back and forth to relive stress.

21. If you are sad, a baby spoon is so cute it will cheer you up.

22. Baby spoons remind people of babies, and so families will have more children.

23. If aliens are about to attack you, use a baby spoon to show how peaceful you are (because no one can injure someone with baby spoons) and they will realize you are not hostile and leave you alone.

24. If you are in a plane and the wings are ripped off, use baby spoons to catch the air in the concave side of the spoon, keeping you in the air.

25. If you are drowning in the sea, most baby spoons are plastic and float, so if you have enough you won’t drown as long as you cling to them.

26. If you don’t have any utensils, baby spoons will help you eat.

27. If you have soup, a baby spoon will allow you to eat it without sloshing it all over by trying to drink it.

29. If you are being pursued by wild tigers in the jungle, use your baby spoon to dig a tiger pit, then cover it with palm fronds. The tigers will fall in with no way of getting out (unless the tigers have baby spoons).

30. If you fell in the tiger pit meant for the tigers, use a baby spoon to dig a tunnel back to the surface before the tigers fall in as well and end you.

31. If  you are stuck in a pit of quicksand, use your baby spoon to a) spoon out all the quicksand from the pit or b) use your spoon as a paddle to get out of the quicksand pit.

32. If the internet on your computer is slow, use your baby spoon to help calm and relax you instead of smashing the computer.

33. If there is a bomb you have to disable, put out the flame of the wick by fanning it with your spoon, then if that doesn’t work use a baby spoon to push it out of your way so you don’t get blown up.

34. When you get older, a baby spoon can help you become nostalgic about your childhood and pass on your stories to your children.

35. If a child wants a toy, a baby spoon is useful for letting them play chef so they aren’t bored and don’t cry.

36. If the Big Bad Wolf is after you, build a house out of baby spoons and cement so he can’t huff and puff and blow your baby spoon house in.

37. If you want to pull weeds in a garden but don’t have a trowel, baby spoons help you dig out weeds.

38. If you don’t have much money and need to buy household kitchen items, baby spoons are cheap and will save you money.

39. If you have a baby and don’t want it to injure itself, baby spoons are safe to play with and chew on.

40. If you need wedding gift ideas, baby spoons are great for new couples and their babies.

41. Baby spoons are small enough to go undetected in airports so you can bring it on a plane to calm you if you get airsick.

42. If you are having a bad hair day, you can use a baby spoon to get out the very biggest knots and pat down your hair using the concave side of the spoon.

43. If you don’t like what’s being served at dinner, you can use a baby spoon to discreetly spoon small amounts over and over to the trash, or a pet so it looks like you’re eating it when you’re not.

44. If you need a small amount of something, use a baby spoon to ensure you are only getting a little bit of whatever it is you need a small amount of.

45. If a wheelchair is rapidly gaining speed down a hill and can’t seem to be stopped, shove a baby spoon into the spokes of the wheelchair and it will stop the wheel from turning.

46. If you are surrounded by pirates, use a baby spoon and convince them that it’s made of something precious like gold and give it to them so they leave you alone.

47. If you are in a dungeon, a baby spoon is so small that it will probably fit through large locks so you can escape.

48. If you are having an allergic reaction to something, if you ate the thing you are allergic to with a baby spoon, then you will not have eaten very much and you will be able to get help before the small amount of what you are allergic to hurts you very badly because it is only a small amount because you ate it with a baby spoon.

49. If  you don’t want to touch something gross that you want to get rid of, use a baby spoon to carry it so you don’t have to touch it to get rid of it.

50. If you need to feed a baby, use a baby spoon, because it is small enough to fit in a baby’s mouth and so you don’t choke him.


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