How to Achieve World Peace

Baby spoons are the solution to everything. Seriously! I mean think about it. No one can injure someone with a baby spoon, and the only controversy that could possibly be caused by baby spoons is possibly the color.
Think about it. If the whole world started using baby spoons, think how little fighting there would be! No one would be able to hurt someone else physically (with a weapon like a baby spoon at least), and so they would have to use logic to reason out solutions instead of blowing people up. Yay!
Baby spoons are not only safe, they are also practical!! You can use a spoon to dig, fill in holes, carry things, stir stuff, and if it’s still clean enough you can even eat from it!!!
Companies manufacturing baby spoons would flourish, and save our economy. Also, baby spoons are small so you can only take small bites. When you eat slower you are filled faster, so it would help stop obesity!!
Baby spoons are the answer. They are cute, blunt, and useful.
Enough said.


6 thoughts on “How to Achieve World Peace

  1. …Goo0000oooood. XD

    I like your theory that baby spoons can save the world. It’s brilliant. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Did you draw that spoon???!?WEF?DF?$?#RE?FG?AG?A?#?$#!#///!#?!?@#?@!???


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