Mind Boggling Mandelbrot Set

I discovered this on the World Wide Web and it totally blew my mind. This is the deepest zoom of the Mandelbrot Set ever graphed.

Okay, so here’s some background information: Some equations used to be thought too complicated to graph. (since then a man name Mandelbro graphed the Mandelbrot Set.) These equations are called fractals. Fractals are patterns that repeat themselves in nature, over and over without losing their complexity. Take, for example, a delta. A river goes along and then splits into two. Then the two branches split into two. Then the two branches from the two branches split into two. The pattern continues, without losing its complexity, until you cant tell the river from the ocean, the branches have become so finite. Basically, it is an infinite line in a finite space. Like a coast line. From space, it looks strait. Then, as you zoom in, it gets more jagged. Get right up close, and it is very very jagged. Look at the sand particles in the coastline, it is crazy jagged. The Mandelbrot set (and just fractals in general) is a mathematical representation of what happens in nature.

The Mandelbrot Set is just one example of many fractals, and this is the farthest it has ever been graphed to it’s center. The colors represent rational numbers between 1 and 0, and shows the infinite line in the finite space. Lets see if it boggles your mind as much as it did mine:


8 thoughts on “Mind Boggling Mandelbrot Set

  1. You might notice the same pattern being repeated over and over. That is like what I was saying about the delta. Also how it keeps going, like my comparison with the jagged coast line.
    IT MAKES MY BRAIN HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Forgive me for making you guys think about math over the weekend. XD


  2. …………………………..D:

    I didn’t want to finish it cuz I felt like something would jump out at me.

    Also… I have no idea what the freakin’ crap this is. xD


    1. XD I totally knew you wouldn’t finish it, for that reason. I SO KNEW IT!!! XD We’ve been friends for too long. 🙂 I thought I explained it pretty well… sorry it didn’t make sense. I just wanted to share with you guys my moment of brain explosion. XD


  3. Still, I loved the awesome music! XD 😀 IT GOES ON FOREVER!!! That’s like the best part about it! XD Also I love how mysterious it sounds… XD L) I know. I know. I have weird taste. 🙂


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