What a wonderful date! Has anyone noticed?
12… minus 1… equals 11!
12-1-11! Isn’t it funny?!
Just thought I’d let you all in on that. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “12/1/11

      1. Jinkies another enigma plagues society like the corrupt evil storm of…… Dare I say?…… No..no they will come for me, how can I plant the seeds of rebellion when I’m six feet under pushing up daisies. Jim couldn’t think how he could escape his unjust fate all around his hovel evil hissed, then the thought came….. There is a solution to even the hardest problems, in the eye of a storm I am safe and the only way to spread the word…. Not text not email not fedex only one way works! FACEBOOK. because of you have a problem That’s the only way to solve it


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