Animal Jam Addiction!

It’s official! I’m totally addicted.

Animal Jam is a sight for kids to learn about animals and the world around them. I was introduced to it when I was little and was really into that stuff, but I never got hooked on the game. I recently got on a couple months ago just for nostalgic purposes, and got totally addicted! They’ve made some major modifications and it is now way way way fun (for me at least, haha!)! It now has chat, way more games, more worlds to explore, and more ways to spend fake money. I log on everyday just to buy stuff. XD Yes I know obsession!!! I love it, and I can connect with other friends through internet with the easy chat feature. It’s great!!!

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10 thoughts on “Animal Jam Addiction!

    1. Oh yeah that’s just fine. I just wanted to share my love for it online. It’s really a little kid game, but it is so much freakin fun because it’s not really aimed at little kids, if that makes sense! I love it!!! πŸ˜€


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