Annie Jr.

Olympus’s Musical production this year was Annie Jr., starring our very own Alaina and Matt! I went to see it on closing night and loved it to death.

Some of my favorite parts were when the orphan girls were singing. They were waving their mops around so violently I swore someone was going to get a black eye!

I also loved Sandy the dog. It was a real dog, can you believe it?! It played its part well, especially considering it must have been frightened by the crowds, the lights, and the loud noises.

The dastardly trio of Mrs. Hannigan, Rooster, and Lily St. Regis singing ‘Easy Street’ was also one of my favorites! I was Lily St. Regis in the sixth grade when my school did Annie, and ever since then I’ve always loved to watch how other actors portray that character. She did a good job, I’m telling you! Boy did she strut her stuff! And I swear I’ve never seen a curlier blond in my life!! Her hair was a wig, but still. Also, one of my favorite lines was: (spoken by Rooster Hannigan) “Why does it seem that we keep gettin’ the fuzzy side of the lollipop?” I’m so gonna use that line!!!

NYC was a good song too. I liked when they went to the movies, it was really funny to watch this one VERY exuberant can-canner. Also, it was a beautiful set. All lit up in lights, little pinpricks in the black-out curtain lit up like a city. It was gorgeous. They used a Lucky Strike advertisement… which is a type of cigarette. NO NO NO  NO!!! *wags finger* That’s BAD, children. Don’t try that at home. XD

And, last but most DEFINITELY not least…. the most important character of them all…. the star of the show…


Red socks, only. Take your blue socks somewhere else, she doesn’t want them. XD Good job, Alaina and Matt!


7 thoughts on “Annie Jr.

    1. For sure! I hear it’s going to be the Wizard of Oz, but I reaaaaally hope not…. that’s a lame play and I want to try out for a lead. So I hope it’s only rumors. I’ll find out tomorrow! So excited!!!


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